keeping seniors busy during the winter months


Its hard to get through month after month of cold weather. Especially as the body ages, it becomes even more important to keep the body and mind active and sharp. Here are some of the top choices for seniors to keep the energy going all through the winter: Indoor exercise. A daily routine of yoga, dancing, or stretches. These can be done in the comfort of your home, at the same time every day...

Am i eligible if my income is above the medicaid limit?


Have you been wondering the same thing?Many times, through a combination of social security, VA benefits, pensions, 401K’s and other sources of income, your resources may be above the limit set by Medicaid. A Silver Key Medicaid Specialist will review your sources of income to determine if you are above the income cap. If so, we will assist in structuring your income in a manner that will make...

Shoveling Snow is not for everyone


Most shoveling related hospitalizations, are caused by cardiac events. Why? Because the cold causes arteries and blood vessels to narrow, which slows blood flow overall. That combines with the exertion of shoveling, can be a huge concern for elderly people. Stop shoveling immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms: Squeezing chest painShortness of breathPain down the left arm or...



1. Gather all important financial information as well as important documents When applying for Medicaid, there are a few documents that you will inevitably have to submit. To stay ahead of the process, start working with your loved one, to gather up all the important information you have and to make a list that includes: Bank accounts checking/savings account balance, 5 years of bank statements...

Maryland event


A big thank you to all those who made our MD event a great success!! Was wonderful seeing all your faces after such a long pause from COVID. Thank you to Miss Torri Shannon and Miss Antonette Hayes from the OLTC for your very informative presentation.

Silver Key looks forward to working with such a wonderful team of BOM’s and servicing our long term care community!

why do families love working with Silver Key?


We give every client a warm,  personal experience when going through the (oftentimes, cold) Medicaid process. Families get to work with one dedicated caseworker through the process from the day their case is retained, until Medicaid is approved, and beyond. We feel a sense of connection and closeness with all of our clients as individuals. We know when it comes to each families’ spend-down, no...

Orchid cove Florida employee retreat


SilverKey was proud and excited to attend the Orchid Cove annual retreat at Saddle River Ranch in Florida! Among the dozens of presenters and exhibitors, SilverKey was there to represent the Medicaid Planning division and to meet and greet the phenomenal Orchid Cove team. A positive, educated, and productive leadership team is what makes all the difference in a successful company. Orchid Cove has...



Did you hear? Some counties in PA are doing away with the fair hearing by phone! Yes, you heard that right. Counties in south-east PA have been notifying us that the stipulated agreement will be prepared and typed up in the County Assistance Office, and then emailed to the client for agreement. This is an interesting  change to the standard process  of having issues hashed out and...